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Huge Rainbow KitesShopping for the best kite shouldn’t be too much of a hassle in today’s age. With so many different quality brands and types, finding the best kites is very easy.

Some people like kites that are smaller, humbler, and easy to fly without having to worry about getting caught or letting them out too far.

Other people like kites that are as big as possible, with the maximum length of string that will allow the user to send them safely far up into the sky.

In any case, the best kite for you or your child shouldn’t cost too much since the necessary materials don’t cost too much, and there are many different brands and manufacturers to compete with each other and drive the prices down.

Considering that one of the best kites these days costs around what you would pay for a ticket to the movies, you can get a really good deal on a kite.

Regardless, if you are going to invest the money in a kite you might as well purchase one from a trusted brand that provides all the basic components and accessories necessary to start flying your kite within minutes, and is constructed using durable materials that make it built to last.

You will want to be sure that your kite is lightweight, and that it comes with string, a handle, and a frame that won’t be crushed by the wind. You might also consider purchasing a 3D design which makes your kite come to life.

If you want to narrow your search and select from some of the most popular kites on the market, we have selected three kites which we believe will appeal to you, while offering all the necessary components and features to get you flying your kite as soon as you receive it.

Many of the cheapest kites will cut back on features, but when you consider that kites are a relatively cheap item in the first place, it is important that you purchase one with all the parts you will need.

When we compare kites, we start to notice that the main differences between the models is the size of the kite and tail, the weight, the type of materials, whether or not it has a 3D design, the type and length of string, and various lesser relevant factors.

We can see that the best kites are lightweight, have at least 30 meters of string length tied to the included handle, are low-priced, and include some sort of return and/or refund policy.

How much string do you need?

As we can see above, the minimum threshold for a kite is 30 meters (or 1181.1”) in length. With this length, you won’t be able to hold your kite higher than 100 feet in the air, which may prompt you to purchase more string. Other people (especially those who want their children to use the kite) might find that 30 meters is more than enough, and won’t want extra string.

In the end, the length of string desired for a kite is subject to your personal preference. Keep in mind that buying spools that can hold extra lengths of strings is always an inexpensive option to consider. For best results, try out one of the kites we review, test to see whether or not you like how long the string is, and worst-case scenario, buy longer string to use with your kite. It is really that simple.

How can I make the string longer?

Depending on whether or not you want to spend more money, there are many different ways to make your string longer. If you have extra string, you can always tie it onto your kite.

Just keep in mind that purchasing specially designed string for kites will have the best results.

Another great option to consider if you do not want to purchase specially designed kite string is to use fishing line. Fishing line is strong enough to hold heavy fish, and accordingly, can withstand heavy winds tugging on it.

In the end, there are many different free and affordable to extend the length of your string, making the string length itself not as much of an issue.

Does the tail length matter?

The tail of a kite helps balance it out and keep it in the air for longer periods of time. They also look really great in the sky, adding some extra personality to your kite. Kite manufacturers will produce longer tails for designs that need an extra lift, and save smaller tail designs for kite models that resemble easily flown objects like an airplane.

As a result, the tail length does matter, but only for ensuring that your kite stays in the air and looks beautiful.

Best Kites Reviews

aGreatLife® Huge Rainbow Kite Review

Huge Rainbow Kite For KidsOne great kite option to consider is the aGreatLife® Huge Rainbow Kite, which resembles an airplane in the sky with an extra-long tail. It also has a rainbow, multi-color design which will make it stand out and easily be noticed while flying in the daytime breeze.

Although this isn’t the cheapest kite on the market, when you consider that this kite comes with 50 meters of string, you might decide that it is a good option.

The string equipped on this kite model is Dacron, which is stronger and more durable than the typical standard string that you will find on many kite models. It is designed using polyester fabric, which is strong enough to withstand strong winds without tearing.

This kite also comes with a storage bag allowing you to put it away neatly and stow it away in a secure place before using it again.


  • 50-meter string length is very competitive and long compared to other high-quality kites
  • The Dacron string is strong compared to the normal fishing-line style string you find on other kites
  • Frame is considerably sturdy and spine rods are easy to install, allowing you to fly within minutes
  • Very easy to return for a refund if something goes wrong


  • Smaller than other kites in this category
  • Typically more expensive than other kites in this category


Beginners might prefer this kite since it comes included with a user guide, which will allow anybody to quickly put the kite together and start using it within minutes. In the event that you do have problems with your kite, know that there is a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

As a result, you can play hard with your kite without even worrying that the price you pay will go to waste. Instead, you will have a lifetime of use with this kite since it is backed by the manufacturer.

However as stated, there is a small price that you have to pay to receive all of these benefits. For a few dollars more, you can have all the benefits that come with this kite design.

However, just keep in mind that if you want to fly a huge kite, you might be a little let down by the slim and small design of this kite compared to other models whose length measures out over 100”.

Get it delivered right to your door here.

Hengda Kite’s Red Mollusc Octopus Review

Hengda octopus kiteOne of the best kites to consider is Hengda Kite’s Red Mollusc Octopus kite which usually comes at one of the lowest prices in this category of kites.

Measuring out up to 157.5” at maximum, this kite is a huge design that is made in Weifang, which is known as the kite capital of the world. With a nylon polymer material and the best of Weifang’s kite designing technology, this kite is built to last in the elements of a windy sky.

This also has a 3D design which mimics the look of a real octopus in the wind, utilizing the built-in wind channels to fly in the sky with easy control.

The tail of the kite is designed with 8 separate streamers which mimics the look of a real octopus while making the kite stretch out longer distances.

Most people remark that this kite is of absolutely incredible quality considering the low price you pay for it. It may be made in the kite capital of the world, but it is still more affordable than most kites found outside of the kite capital.


  • Can usually be found for a lesser price than other kites in this category
  • Tail length measuring at 125.98” is considerably long
  • 3D octopus design flutters beautifully in the wind and is easy to control


  • Kite body is pretty small compared to other kites in this category
  • Only 30 meters of string length, which might not be enough for expert kite fliers.
  • String easy to break


This kite also comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee through the manufacturer. The only downside to this is if you are purchasing it from the USA, you will need to negotiate refunding with a Chinese company; this can be, of course, longer than getting a refund through a company closer to home.

However, when you consider the fact that this kite usually performs well for long periods of time, you shouldn’t worry too much about this possible occurrence.

There are a few other things you should keep in mind before purchasing this model. First, if you want a big kite you might be let down by the smaller body of this the octopus design, measuring only 33.5” at the longest point in the body.

However, when you add in the 8 tentacle tails the design reaches out past 157 inches in total.

Secondly, the string design is only 30 meters, which some people might not consider long enough.

Lastly, there are reports of the string breaking, so you might be better off considering this design as not coming with string in the first place.

Get it delivered right to your door here.

BrainyTrade Image 3D Giant Blue Dolphin Kite Review

3D KiteIf you want a 3D design that looks beautiful in the wind, check out the BrainyTrade Image 3D Giant Blue Dolphin Kite, which provides a 3D view of a dolphin with a considerable amount of string and plenty of control.

For a competitive price and beautiful design, this model sticks out as perhaps the best kite to consider purchasing.

Although this model is nearly double the weight of similar kites in this class, its frameless soft parafoil design allows it to fly freely in mid-high wind without having to worry about it nosediving into the ground.

Another perk of a frameless soft parafoil design is you will have one less thing to worry about breaking.

This kite is significantly larger than the other kites presented here, measuring out around 211” including the tail. The body of the dolphin itself is also nearly double the size of the other kites.

When flying in the air, it is hard to mistake this kite for anything other than a dolphin, thanks to the hard work put in by the manufacturer using software to closely mimic the look of a real dolphin.

Equipped with a 3D look and a randomly shipped color of flippers, this dolphin really sticks out in the daytime sky.


  • Frameless soft parafoil design can be blown around in the wind without breaking poles or spine cables
  • Huge 3D design reaching out over 211” when you include the tail
  • Designed with software to closely resemble a real dolphin, and looks beautiful in the daytime wind
  • Different color flippers that are shipped at random
  • Longest length of any kite in this class measuring over 200” in total length including the tail


  • No included instructions
  • Only 30 meters of string length, which might not be enough for expert kite fliers
  • String can be easy to break
  • More difficult to receive a refund or return

If you decide to purchase this model for your child you may find that the 30 meters of string is enough, but more experienced users will undoubtedly consider using a different set of string or adding on their own.

If you decide to purchase this kite, it is best that it isn’t your first kite since it doesn’t come included with instructions; this kite is best reserved the experienced user.

The manufacturer of this kite doesn’t yet have their own website outlet, and uses the return policy, so be sure to check out the terms to ensure that they line up with your expectations.

In most cases, working with Amazon for a return is a relatively straight-forward process that doesn’t cause too much of a headache.

Lastly, a final thing to consider for this design is that there have been several reports of the string breaking, which might be another reason to consider using other string options if you want to fly this kite.

All-in-all, the stunning design make this model stick out as one of the best (or perhaps the best) kite models.

Other accessories you might need to purchase…

A common issue that people will have if they purchase one of these kites is not enough string. Many people might prefer to upgrade their string length and handle to a more elaborate kite spool design which stretches out longer lengths.

Doing this is very inexpensive, and will allow you to send your kite up into further heights.

One you get the hang of using one of these kites, you might also end up deciding to purchase a second kite and/or kite spool so that you can take your kite out with a family member.

This is a great way for family members to spend time together, and costs only as much as a ticket to the movies. If you decide to do this, you might also decide to upgrade the spool of the second kite, which will cost about the price of two tickets to the movies. And you can have it all shipped right to your door if you decide to buy through, they even have shipping from us to kuwait or pretty much any other country.

What other reviews have said about these models

The majority of people who review any of these kites will say that they are satisfied with the functionality and included accessories of the kites. Considering each of these kites comes at a very affordable cost, there is not too much at stake when you purchase one of them.

However, there is a minority who have left negative feedback about these kites. The pole frames from the aGreatLife® model have a rare tendency to snap if they are not used correctly.

Each design has reports of the string breaking prematurely, making it necessary to consider purchasing a better spool with longer string lengths.

Lastly, there are some people who have difficulty flying each of these kites. In any case, if you know how to use a kite you shouldn’t have any issues successfully using any of these kites.


Depending on your preferences, each of these kites is high-quality and capable of providing an entry-level experience without purchasing any additional accessories. Due to its magnificent size, frameless design, and 3D-look, many people might consider the BrainyTrade Image 3D Giant Blue Dolphin Kite to be the best kite for the price.

If you want a little more string to come with your kite, you might decide to instead purchase the aGreatLife® Huge Rainbow Kite for its longer string length, included usher guide, and pole-framed design.

Lastly, those who want to cut back on costs as much as possible might find Hengda Kite’s Red Mollusc Octopus to be the best kite simply for its low price and attractive design.

Where can I buy kites?

The easiest solution is just check out the Amazon website here since they’ll deliver right to your door pretty quickly. And their prices are competitive to any other place you’ll find either online or offline that sells kites.

In any case, each of these kites is capable of providing years of entertainment if you correctly use them. Since all of these models, except the aGreatLife® Huge Rainbow Kite, do not come with an included user guide, it is best to ensure you know how to fly a kite.

However, if you are good with your hands and have a natural knack for learning how to make things work, the lack of a user guide shouldn’t be an issue since information is available on the internet.

If you are looking for one of the best kites, any of these designs will suit you well.

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